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 We Excel So Students Succeed

Our curriculum exceeds state standards. We developed our standards over 39  years of experience, determining what works and what attributes we wish to instill in our students. We do not experiment on our students. We use Christian publishers to provide textbooks that do not incorporate government mandates or social issues. Annual standardized testing consistently shows our average performance exceeding 3/4 of the students in the USA.

Our friendly and approachable teachers are Christian role models. They are credentialed and trained to be teachers.  They will recognize the individuallity of your child and will be available to work with you to tailor the material to their learning style. They have an average tenure of 12+ years with ICS. Nearly 50% have earned MA degrees in education.

Our graduates have become successful professionals in many fields including physicians, lawyers, and teachers. Younger graduates have achieved recognition in high schools for outstanding academic and leadership qualities. Our goal is to provide each student with a firm foundation that they can continue to build upon, as they find their purpose in life.

Our students have been league champions in various sports and have received top honors county wide in art, math, speech and spelling competitions. The middle school students devote many hours volunteering for community service. Over the nine grades of elementary and middle school, your child will be challenged and developed spiritually, emotionally, academically, to know their personality and ability. We provide them with opportunities to acheive a wide range of experience. We do not require uniforms because we want to teach our students how to make choices in their attire that will reflect their core beliefs and values.

Our parents  gave us an A- average rating for 33 areas of school performance. We have an active Parent- Teacher organization that supports the ministry of our school. There are many opportunities to get involved. We have parents who help coach, drive, teach, supervise, give, serve, advise and pray for our school.

Most importantly, we have helped thousands of students over the years to develop into Christians who have a purpose for living and the tools to honor God in all that they do.

Program Levels

Independence Christian School is really four schools that flow from one stage of development to another.

Preschool (ages 18 mos.-Jr. Kindergarten)- Developmental, aquiring the mental, physical and social skills to acheive success in elementary school. Learning that they are a wonderful creation of God.

Primary (Grades K-3)- Foundational, aquiring the academic and spiritual skills to base their life upon.

Intermediate (Grades 4-6)- Transformation, using the aquired knowledge and the training to take initiative and responsibility for their own self improvement.

Middle School (Grades 7-8)- Application, using their education to put their knowledge and faith into action.


We gladly use all Christian textbooks from Christian publishers to compliment our conviction that a Christian School student is best served by having a teacher that is biblically based, teaching material  from a textbook that is biblically based.

The academic programs at ICS are designed to challenge students to reach their God-given potential in all subject areas we address in grades K-8, from a solid biblically integrated platform. Believing that "all truth is God's truth," our academic programs are designed to help students see all of learning through the filter of the Bible and its timeless truths.

In the early grades, students are taught from a "hands on," "developmentally appropriate" curriculum and instructional strategies. These strategies include an emphasis on the "basics," while allowing children to explore learning through all five of their senses. As the students grow and mature, they are challenged to think "critically" about the subjects they are instructed in, with an emphasis upon practical application, rather than simply rote memorization.

The end result of the academic process at ICS is to develop students who can think critically and biblically about the world around them, making informed decisions that will honor the Lord and contribute to the advancement of His kingdom here on earth.

    Christ-centered education for Preschool through Jr. High

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