We are delighted to welcome your child to Independence Christian School. All applicants are evaluated for admission. Click here to download K-8 registration forms. Click here to download Preschool registration forms.

The forms must be completed and returned to the office with the registration fee. Once the forms and fees are submitted, then  schedule a student testing appointment. K-8 students are tested by a faculty member for grade appropriateness. Please bring a copy of the most current report cards and standardized testing results to the testing appointment. You will then make a final appointment to receive the testing results.

If you are applying for financial aid click here to submit your information. Click applicant sign in. Enter our school ID # 125731. FACTS TUITION MANAGEMENT will evaluate your status and inform the school of your financial situation. Independence Christian School will respond to you by email with the results.

The terms and conditions for financial aid are:

1.       Financial aid is funded by ICS and is dependent upon availability of funding and budgetary constraints. ICS reserves the right to discontinue financial aid at any time due to significant/severe financial circumstances, as determined by the Financial Aid Committee.

2.       Financial aid does not carry over through multiple years, must be applied for every year, and only one application per family is considered. Financial aid is for tuition only, and does not include registration fees, childcare, field trips, material fees, sports fees, or any other costs throughout the school year.

3.       International students are not eligible for financial aid.

4.       Families applying for financial aid shall utilize FACTS TUITION MANAGEMENT COMPANY to determine initial financial eligibility and pay a non-refundable processing fee of $20 per family. Mid-year evaluation wherein the FACTS evaluation is not available, the ICS Financial Aid Committee shall make the determination.

5.       Families applying must pay school accounts on time (no outstanding billing in excess of 60 days).

6.       Families approved for financial aid must accept tuition calculation based upon a 12-month payment schedule.

7.       Re-enrollment paperwork and fees must be submitted prior to applying for financial aid. Families deciding to decline a financial aid award and pursue education elsewhere prior to the registration cutoff date will be refunded the Registration Fee, less $25 per child.

8.       To be eligible to or to continue to receive financial aid, students must have and maintain an exemplary behavioral record, as noted by the faculty and administration. Parents and students must exhibit behavior (in action and attitude) that demonstrates a spirit of cooperation with ICS school policies and support of Christian learning. ICS reserves the right to withdraw financial aid in the event of parent or student incompatibility.

9.       At least one parent must submit an agreement with our statement of faith and a pastoral letter to substantiate their regular and active involvement in Christian ministry, in alignment with the statement of faith of ICS.

10.   Families receiving financial aid are expected to actively participate in volunteer efforts, promotional efforts, and/or fundraising programs such as PTF involvement, regular scrip purchases, room parent support, and the annual ICS auction. Regular PTF meeting attendance and the provision of a written promotional letter in recommendation of ICS is a minimum standard.

11.   Full-Time Minister's Discount: A 50% tuition reduction is available for dependent children of those serving in full-time, licensed Church leadership, as substantiated by a senior pastor or Church BOD letter. There is no need to apply to FACTS to receive this discount, but all other parameters must be met.

12.   The ICS Financial Aid Committee analyzes these parameters and establishes a need-ranking of all applicants. The Committee will also consider temporary allowances outside of these parameters for extenuating circumstances, such as single head of household, loss of employment, family size, medical expenses/circumstances, volunteer history and longevity at ICS, exemplary Christian character of the family, GPA, amount of aid required, and other factors.



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